Where does the search for a lost treasure ties up with a c.d. review? It’s actually quite appropriate and fitting when it comes down to search for albums and not strictly rely on what the labels send to the magazine. This search can give unique results…and personally, I discovered this treasure from Britain! Nine Stones Close is a band that revolves around the prog rock genre and they seem to have been greatly influenced by such bands as Marillion and The Flower Kings. If I had to come up with just one word to characterize their music that would most definitely be “brilliant”! These are some excellent musicians who present, in this first effort of theirs, five lengthy tunes (especially “Threads” and “Thicker Than Water”) and as far as I know they haven’t found a label for a possible release date. The melodies of “Traces” are magical (to say the least) while the technical capability and the performance the band is more than obvious (even to the non-connoisseurs).
I must also mention the superb cover artwork of this digipack edition which you can find and purchase through the band’s official site: www.ninestonesclose.com .

I still can’t believe that there isn’t a label out there to close a deal with Nine Stones Close…unless, this is a band’s choice…that seems unlikely, though!