Three years after the sensational “Dark Horse” (which was the successor of the brilliant “All The Right Reasons”), Nickelback returns with a brand new studio album that it will most likely divide the fan base of the Canadian outfit. Why is that? Well, in my humble opinion this is really the first time since 2000 where Nickelback show signs of resting on their past laurels and not trying to craft as much as possible their compositions. It’s not that we would like to see Nickelback experimenting with new sounds or anything like that. But, it’s plain obvious that the band is not attempting anything more than the usual sonic installment of the past.

Don’t get me wrong, though…one can find in the new album at least 4 superb songs that portray with the most crystal clear way what a dynamic and classy band Nickelback is. Especially “Bottom’s Up” and “Kiss it Goodbye” are by far the highlights of “Here and Now” and show how the Canadians benefited by their collaboration with Mutt Lange in “Dark Horse”. Catchy, mid-tempo tunes with a huge and clear production and choruses that stuck in your mind for hours after even the first listening! This is how we like Nickelback! But, as I said, the majority of the songs leave a lot to be desired and can only be described as simply OK (which would be enough for the average band but not for a top act like Nickelback).

Highlight: Buy with caution and let’s hope that you want ask for your…nickel back!