Sextet from Belgium is releasing their brand new album, with a grand label I might add. Massacre is talking about an Epic/Fantasy Metal group… I gotta say I second that one. Epic element is there, I also spotted symphonic parts, whilst Fantasy lies in the lyrics and the general thematology.

I’ve got my objections regarding production though… I really loved the guitars, they are huge, however the drums sounded a bit strange to my ears. It’s like they’re heading from the bottom of the sea, behind closed doors and the snare is really annoying. It’s like a bad quality drum machine. Reminded me of the first Crimson Glory album… Okay, moving on. Heely’s voice is characteristic. It’s solid, nothing to do with sopranos, it’s mature. Title track is splendid, same goes for “Lady Fantasy”, a baroque song featuring beautiful keyboards – the first video of the album.

Guitars blast on “Secret of the blind man”, serving some amazing riffing! A cembalo is escorting; talking about an awesome piece here. Then we’re heading for the supeRiff of “Screaming for mercy”. Yeah, that’s a Metal guitar alright! As for the eight-min-long “Dark Fairy”, this is one fast Epic oriented cataract, featuring elements even from Manowar themselves!

Marcel Coenen from Sun Caged is also participating on the album.