This is a book about the past few years of Nightwish, since Floor Jansen joined officially the band in May 2013, ten months after her debut show with the Finnish giants when Tuomas asked her to learn the band’s set list and travel all the way from Holland to the other side of the Atlantic (and most specifically in Seattle). The book has been written by Nightwish’s official photographer, Timo Isoaho, who is really the ideal person behind such a task as all the photos in the book are brilliant and naturally most of them were unpublished up to this point.

The book covers essentially the sessions of “Endless Forms Most Beautiful” with candid details from the recordings but also it depicts the overall buzz that was created with the world tours in the big festivals and how the Nightwish name became synonymous with huge and unparalleled fame. In addition we are treated with numerous interviews with the band members, sound engineers, the management team etc. so as to get an even better picture of the band.

The book’s introduction is penned by non other than Steve Harris who recently expressed his admiration of the band (he actually said that he believes that Nightwish has a good chance of reaching Maiden’s level of success)! This is a high quality hardcover 365-page book that is bound to satisfy every loyal Nightwish fan.

Nightwish has already announced the release of their upcoming studio album thus making this book a good warm up product for “Human: II: Nature”. Up next is another Nightwish show so as to be as close to the front stage shouting WE WERE HERE!!!