Pearl Jam – MTV Unplugged


Recorded in March of 1992, we had to reach the god-forsaken year that is 2020 to get to the first official, wide cd and vinyl release of Pearl Jam’s unplugged session, so that it can comfortably sit next to the equivalent Nirvana and Alice in Chains albums.

During the band’s 35-minute set, there are no surprises, just some back to basics reminders that should be repeated every now and then: A good song is a good song, in any shape or form, no matter how stripped down it is; and, for a truly gifted performed like lone survivor Eddie Vedder is, a microphone and a high enough place in the mix is really all it takes.

As far as compositions go, what do we have here? Well, other than ‘State of Love and Trust’ off the ‘Singles’ movie soundtrack, half of the ‘Ten’ debut album is featured. Very simply put: One of the masterpieces that came out in 1991, one of the three most important records to come out of Seattle, one of the ten most important ones for the entire 90s decade, one of the best rock albums of all time.

‘Black’ still is, somehow, as poignant a song as there ever was.