It was just a while ago when we presented Wino’s (The Obsessed, Saint Vitus, Spirit Caravan, etc.) debut solo album… “Adrift” was actually an acoustic voyage and the creator, singer and guitarist decided to return full band electric… In fact, this band is the very reincarnation of twenty years back and forth jamming sessions with guitarist Jim “Sparkie” Karow! Wino and Jim were meeting all these years, jamming on some tunes, just them and their guitars, no drums no nothing… Chemistry in motion and poetry itself and this chemistry went on for almost two decades… And one day they found their rhythm section peeps. Matthew Clark (drums – Ostinato) and Brian Daniloski (bass – Ex Meatjack).
Mid tempo songs, a bit slower sometimes, heavy guitars, power chords… The voice is lethal now, it raises, it flies, it’s rough and tough… Wino himself mentions, as ref points, Black Sabbath, King Crimson and one of his own bands, The Hidden Hand. Doom elements are scattered all around, there’s a ton of roughness overdriven and those “clean” spots are amazing… For instance, take a ride over the bridge of “La Hechicera de la Jeringa” and stand amazed… Ozzy is invited? And then, stunning Rocker melody of “Deranged Rock N’ Roller” will drive you nuts with its fearsome Motorhead wildness. I guess that those promoters who got Wino here for “Adrift” should revert with him and his lucky 13 band. Btw, number 13 is amongst his favorite, plus there is also a single released, containing two songs which are NOT included on the album.