Psychotic Waltz – The God-Shaped Void


A big return after many years for Psychotic Waltz. Progressive metal needs a return like this and I believe that it happened when they wanted it. After all, they reformed with their original line-up in 2010 and I don’t think that they would do something rush if they weren’t sure about the final result.

Many questions can come from here, like if they have something to offer or if is like their old releases. The band from USA will always have something to offer in this music, no doubt about it. As for the comparison with the past, this isn’t the 90s anymore. They have a fresh sound, but without changing their style of music. Something like a natural evolution.

After listening to it many times, I have to say that Psychotic Waltz created an amazing album. It is very well written and each time the hour was passing by without noticing it. They have paid attention to each detail, as I discovered more little things each time I listened to it. But I don’t believe that this work requires multiple listens to win you, this happens from the first one. However, it will reward you when you hit the replay button again and again.

Excellent guitar word from Brian McAlpin and Dan Rock who don’t waste time in unnecessary demonstration of technique or complexity with Rock using keyboards when needed, essential rhythm section from Ward Evans (bass) and Norm Leggio (drums) without showing off and of course an amazing Devon Graves with his rare and characteristic voice (and his flute at certain parts) coloring the compositions with the best possible way.

Even if the whole album is terrific, I want to mention the addictive refrains of “Devils And Angels” and “All The Bad Men”, the amazing main riff of “Stranded”, the evolution of “The Fallen” from the acoustic intro to an intense electric hymn, the magic of the tremendous “Sisters Of The Dawn” (the best one in my opinion) and the ideal closure with “In The Silence”. Progressive metal with passion, soul and emotion, without modern, alternative and hipster stuff in it. Triumphant return.