Queensrÿche – Digital Noise Alliance


Quite a fitting title for Queensrÿche to explain to us the reason why in the last decade their records, four in number, are always better than the previous one, isn’t it? “Digital Noise Alliance” shows exactly the DNA of this band (that’s how we’ll call the album from now on). A DNA that is the reason why the band is always in the news precisely because Queensrÿche themselves created demands for themselves and…of themselves at the same time.

And “Digital Noise Alliance” personally covered each and every demand of mine. From a compositional and production standpoint, they are at an extremely high level. Eleven brand new tracks that really…command you to take notice while listening to them; even the nostalgic “Forest”, a ballad for some but personally I can’t call it ballad. The opening cut “In Extremis” clearly shows what will follow with a furious guitar solo in the end. A song that will make history is “Behind The Walls” with an amazing and already award-winning video to accompany it, while moments like “Lost In Sorrow” (incredible melodies in the refrain), “Nocturnal Light”, “Realms”, “Hold On” are quite reminiscent of the 80’s and of course the majestic “Tormentum” that completes this band’s work before the decent cover of “Rebel Yell” by Billy Idol, takes the listener by storm and at the same time finds himself singing along to the melodies while walking down the street. In fact, isn’t that what we’re looking for from music…to identify with the album that we bought? This is exactly what “Digital Noise Alliance” gives us. So, what’s “DNA” is all about…well, it’s a place really where one can find lots of ideas, the talent and experience of Wilton and Jackson, the charismatic presence and not only as a singer (every time better) Todd La Torre, the dynamic return of the amazing Mike Stone and of course Casey Grillo’s recording debut on the drums, a musician with a lot of feedback in metal.

“Digital Noise Alliance” proves in a most emphatic manner Queensryche’s top quality and inexhaustible energy that has put them again in the much-envied spot of surpassing the fans’ expectations by raising the bar high for its successor! This record will keep us busy for quite some time!