So here’s to another RUST, ladeez and gentz… Apart from the Romanian band whose album we are also reviewing here at Rockpages, there is this Metal mobile from the island of Cyprus. Naturally I would also like to mention the cult Greek band RUST, they had released the album “Shoot them higher” back in 1989… Apparently there’s gonna be a bit of intrigue around this specific name, like “Err, we trade marked it first, so you gotta change yours”. Till then, how about taking a look over their music?

Epic and Epical and melodies pointing to bands that have done relevant albums in the 80’s and “Metal will live for evermore”! Clean production, clean vocals filled with passion… Some of you may make faces… “Dude, we were listening to this stuff in ’84-’85”… Isn’t it a blessing that this decade is back? Yeap, you might think that titles like “We are Rock’n’Roll” are a bit tacky, however, however I’m gonna deal with music here, not “accessories”. There is a massive number of good riffing over the album, riffs one could grow to love.
There are lots of Rock moments scattered – naturally. For instance, “Lady of the lake” begins with an epic intro, then a rather Rockish theme enters, then the verse is almost Funk and then it’s back to Rock again…
Last two songs, “Queen of the Amazons” and title track, seven min long each, wrap it up. Epic Metal and more fans should definitely check it out.