The five awesome dudes from Kansas City, MO (yeah, that’s Missouri, ladeeZ and gentZ) started in good ol’ Olympic year 2004. Their debut has already scored two singles, “Dumb luck” and “You don’t get it”, which did very well in numbers and put the band on the road. Their style is Rockistic (Rock-Artistic?), featuring the blackness of bands such as Alice In Chains and Soulbender balancing with warm themes like Pearl Jam and King’s X would create, whilst there are also grunge elements inside their garden. Guitar themes are totally catchy, they sound divine to our ears. The voice is clear and characteristic; this is one voice that wins us over because of its nature and not the studio effects.
Literally this is an album full of hit singles! We won’t have any problem with that… Naturally, the peeps going to their shows shouldn’t be more than 25 years old at the most, yet the rest of us would have the best time during the concert, singing along and dancing around. Good music, cool attitude and master moshing. I reckon they’d easily play in front of 20.000 people and they wouldn’t mind playing at a House Of Blues the very next day. Second case seems like heaven. Imagine the following. Visiting a HOB, ordering a fantastic dinner and, later on, while wondering “Any chance we get to see a good live-thing, to enjoy a couple of beers more”… The boys enter! And they tear the place down and you have a GREat time!
“Plastic masquerade”… Thrilling intro and midnight motif. Twin guitaring and off to a new adventure. Awesome… Awesome!