In my humble opinion, this is the first really good release of 2011 from the melodic rock genre. Definitely, in these first 6 months, we have been treated by other noteworthy albums but “Solid” is easily at the top of the list. Bangalore Choir’s frontman (and ex-singer of Accept) David Reece collaborates with producer/musician Martin Kronlund (Gypsy Rose) and the result is more than satisfactory.
All the songs are exceptional, well-crafted and most importantly catchy and memorable. After all, this is the most important thing on an album…the good songs. The overall atmosphere of “Solid” harmonically balances between hard rock and melodic metal and we should not omit to point down that one should really pay close attention to the lyrics. Apart from the powerful and up-tempo moments on the record, of special notice are the wonderfully-penned, blues-based ballads (as a matter of fact, “Could This Be Madness” could have easily fit on Ian Gillan’s “Toolbox” album).
I believe that “Solid” –together with the first Bangalore Choir record- are the two strongest albums that David Reece has linked his name to…and that says it all!
Highlight: One interesting fact is that both of ex-frontmen of Accept have released solo albums with the same title (“Solid”).