Yeah, I know, AC/DC comes to mind right about… NOW! Can’t blame you – naturally! The band started as an AC/DC tribute, many-many years ago; at some point they realized that Young & Co tributes have overgrown plus they really wanted to release their own material, hence this album (the title is the coolest pun, right?), the actual introductory audiotext for the quintet.

ROCK defined by the High Voltagers, Rock for fun and even more fun, the ultimate companion for tons of consumption… Riff Raff are having a blast, they bolster some massive Riffs and a voice which can sing low and high freq at own will. First three songs, “Set me off”, “Hail the rockin’ man”, “Give’m rhythm”, exemplify the “We run, we drink, we make a kick out of all this” motto… “Liar” is a mid tempo track, milder, Betteridge’s vox sound captivating, bass-low and Wino, whilst multiple backing vocals create an arena-be chorus. “There ain’t no fire in your eyes, now I realize, you are a liar”…  
Totally German-like production, guitars sound enormous. Andreas Schulz, band drummer and founding member made sure production is the one we were dreaming of. What’s that? Yep, back to AC/DC paths with “I’m not the one”. One Riff is constantly played, then we switch for the chorus… Pretty darn close to The Cult? Do we care? No, we DON’T! Okay, I’ll commend before my third order from the bar…

Party is still on, now we listen to “Rev’ up – Ride on”. The band is moving with mainly four-minute songs, adding boogie and honky themes and “Beer, Scotch, No ice”!

Where was I… Oh, yeah! “We’re only here for the beer”! Epical, hymnical… Yeah, like you believed me, right? One heck of a song and then enters “Long live the night”… It’s a scavenger hunt. “Dude… Isn’t that an AC/DC cover? Are you sure? How sure”?
Fourteen songs, fourteen fantastic melodies, fourteen reasons to have the best time ever! Cuz Music is the best form of entertainment! Need to write more?


Riff Raff