Another solo album from Deep Purple’s bassist, who recently welcomed another member in his family. Roger on “If Life Was Easy” decides to steer clear from the rock highways of Deep Purple and Rainbow, and follow more pop, blues, ethnic, funk paths.
Honestly, I can’t find enough reasons for someone who is not a Deep Purple fan, and completist, to purchase this album. Even Dan McCaferty, and Pete Agnew, from Nazareth, who contribute cannot make the difference, in a compilation of songs probably written during Rog’s free time. Even if you disconnect Glover’s name and history from “If LifeWas Easy”, I don’t think anything will change, because what lacks is the compositions. Unfortunately, this albums doesn’t have the songs that will make the listener put it on the cd player again, or load it onto his or her MP3 device.
Of course, we should respect and admire a musician’s, with a career in two of the mots important rock bands of all time, appetite and zeal to release new music as a solo artist, even if the material won’t move most of the people. I wish this effort was accompanied with better songs, so we could write something positive.