Sanchez – Run The Streets

I had read tons of praising stuff about Sanchez via press releases, music news networks, facebook etc. Every single one of them concluded with the phrase “a must have for fans of Dokken and Firehouse”. “Nice”, I say and coincidentally a few days later I receive the promo edition by the label. Unfortunately, not only my expectations were not met by they were shot down with the harshest and most brutal way!
I cannot write good words for a few good musical ideas (that are not transformed into remarkable compositions). The vocals (both lead and backing ones) are tragically recorded and the production seems to have been done in a basement of a hose or something. Too bad for the Swedish band as they have a long history behind them…
Highlight: Hugo Sanchez was a famous football player from Mexico that scored many goals with Real Madrid and with the National team of Mexico in the 80s.