Scars Of Tears – Scars Of Tears


At a time when symphonic metal seems to have become saturated and people are bored of overly heard   melodies (as beautiful as they might be) a band from Kastoria is coming to make their own suggestions and to show that ideas always exist. Someone who is in search of new things will always find something new to present with the condition that they have the proper abilities.

“Scars of Tears” seem to have all of the above. It is difficult to rank their debut album and this is their first bet to win. Yes, their basis is symphonic metal, what comes to our ears though is more complicated. The symphonic element alternates with gothic and pop passages so well that the final outcome seems to be able to gain even the mainstream audience. The most important thing though is that Scars of Tears’ songs are really good as compositions.

I think “Down Again” is the best of all, with Efthimis Karadimas (from Nightfall) substantial participation on vocals next to great Charitini. “Diva”, the only cover song on this album, belongs to this legendary Greek group, and it is more than decent. Ilianna Tsikiraki’s participation in “Killing your Sadness” sounds really positive.

Scars of Tears’ first work is one of the best I have heard this year and I believe that friends of this kind of music that the group represents, should support them.