The Danish dudes started in 1998, the ride was bumpy during all these years, on and off, and they managed to release an album in 2007 (as 7thorns). Then they returned to the Past, aka their old name and the recording sessions. Production and mixing belong to Peter Brander, mastering was arranged by huge Tommy Hansen.
Beautiful melodic Μέταλ, featuring Power outbursts. Fantastic melodies and a bunch of Power Chords, splendid double bass drumming and galloping. The voice is the one we dreamt it would be. Baroque, indeed very baroque, keyboards and hymnic choruses, they will probably remind you of the old Malmsteen albums… In general, this is a multileveled album, with a number of faces… Mikkel Henderson (Fate, Evil Masquarade), keyboards, solo on “Spread Your Wings” and Olaf Lenk (At Vance), solo guitar on “Liberty” have been invited to guest the album, as well as Erik “Ez” Blomkvist (lead vocals).
Fans of melodic Metal, especially fans of melodic Power, with a tendency to honor guitar wizards, will love this album! You will sing along, you will try to imitate Ez’s voice, you will tragically fail and you will curse and swear cuz Gabriel Tuxen is playing DA stuff! Amazing guitarist, the very mirror of his colleagues in the band.