Sideburn – Evil or Divine


You push “play” on your CD player and you sit comfortable to enjoy “Evil or Divine”. The first thought that instinctively rushes through your mind is that you had made a mistake and you had slipped into the CD player “Master of Reality” or the debut Sabbath record! Don’t get me wrong…I am not talking about a Sabbath copycat here! Sideburn just pays tribute to the 70s doom sound and displays a sinister, ominous atmosphere throughout the album! The band’s guitarist, Morgan Zocek, adores Tony Iommi and has absolutely no problem whatsoever of showing that influence. And if you still haven’t figured it out yet, Sideburn revolves around the doom/stoner metal genre…imagine somewhere in between Sabbath, Zeppelin, UFO with a small dose of Spiritual Beggars in there.

“Evil or Divine” includes 7 (mostly) slow-paced, ominous and imposing tracks based on Zocek’s guitar and the tight rhythm secyion of Karlsson and Haake while Keiski’s voice will definitely made Ronnie James Dio proud. With more than 15 years of career under their belt, Sideburn counts already 5 full-length albums and “Evil or Divine” is the ideal opportunity for the uninitiated to get to know those Swedish doomsters…trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

Highlight: We don’t really know if Sideburn is…Evil or Divine but most definitely there are not the…last in line!