Athenian power metallers Silent Rage after having released 2 EPs launched their first LP “The Deadliest Scourge” containing 12 tracks. Without having heard their music before, just making the effort to release a heavy metal album in the Greece of financial crisis and the decadent bouzouki music, it’s easily awarded with a perfect 10! The album contains 52 minutes of thunderous melodic power heavy metal with the track “My Race Will Not Last” (excellent) illustrating the band’s wild intentions. High quality vocals from Steve Venardo (ex Heathendom, Airged L’amh etc.), catchy riffs and “machio” vocal harmonies that sticjk in your brain. Moving to the title track and “Storm Warrior” the album’s level is kept on a high and Silent Rage don’t disappoint us. The only drawback I find in this release is the production and the sound of the drums specifically that are deep in the mix as well as the cymbals that don’t sound like they should. Some other outstanding tracks are “Sin Of Pilgrim” and “Proselytize The Masses”. I think it’s worthy to support this band to continue to record more albums with better sound conditions.