Already from my first contact with SiXforNinE, as the support group for Fates Warning in Athens back in November, I realized that something interesting is happening here. Whoever comes across their self-titled debut will discover a first effort full of maturity and confidence.
SiXforNinE stand on the line that ‘divides’ hard rock and heavy metal. They immediately differentiate themselves from the masses through their grunge / alternative metal influences from the nineties and zeroes respectively, elements that are somewhat rare in Greek bands. The production is great; especially that bass sound is truly powerful.

There are many good straight forward songs such as ‘Sound of Perfection’ and ‘Out of Line’, while ‘649’ comes in to complete the spectrum, thanks to its impressive structure and progressive feel.

This is the sound of a very well balanced group. Foris Benardo (ex Septiclfesh) proves that he has what it takes to be a frontman; some of his vocal lines can easily be sung after two or three listens. Look out for SiXforNinE!