Slash to release blues album


In a recent interview with Yahoo Entertainment, Slash revealed that he is planning to release a… blues album.

“I’m doing this record that – well, it’s done now – but it’s not coming out til next year. I did this record with a bunch of different singers, sort of similar to my first solo record, but it’s more blues-oriented, and I had Demi Lovato sing on something. I asked her specifically to sing on something, and she did. So I told her, ‘If you need me to put some guitar on something, just let me know. I’ll do it.’ So, she hit me back about two weeks, three weeks later and said she’s got this song she’s doing a remake of. I just did that. We were in Norway, on a day off, and I found a cool engineer and studio in Norway, and just put the guitars on there. It’s amazing how fast it came out.”