On Friday 7th and Saturday 8th of April ,A.O.R.,HARD ROCK & GLAM METAL bands from around the world ,will play live at Sleaze N Roll festival in MODU live stage in Athens,Greece.

The headliner of April 7th will be the Greek melodic rockers Wild Rose and April 8th will be the swedish band ToxicRose.

Line up April 7th:
Wild Rose (GR)
Sleazy Lizards(GR)
Heart Attack (GR)
Ganzi Gun (GR)

Line up April 8th:
ToxicRose (SWE)
Nasty Ratz (CZ)
Strangers (ES)
Design band (GR)

Venue: MODU,Athens,Greece(Kolonou 76,Athens)
1st day:10euro
2nd day:15euro presale,18euro door
Both days:20euro only 100 tickets available
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