Sons Of Apollo


We met Sons Of Apollo co-captain, Derek Sherinian, at the hotel where the band and crew were staying during their first visit in Greece. After he ordered a cappuccino he talked about the supergroup’s debut, future plans, the status of Black Country Communion, as well as one of hit top-3 memories from the concerts he played in his career – and there must be hunderds! In a group consisted of big names and personalities is interesting to hear how these guys work together and if there is a chance to play live songs from each one’s solo careers. Check out the video! Interview: Romanos Terzis, Camera, Photos: Yiannis Dolas, Editing/Post Production: One Man Army

Thanks to: Derek Sherinian, Alex Politis, Christianna Fine and Wyndham Grand Athens. This video interview include clips from the following official music videos: Coming Home (2017, Century Media), Alive (2017, Century Media), Signs Of The Time (2017, Century Media) from Sons Of Apollo. Also: Black Country Communions’ “Collide”, Live footage from Dream Theater’s show in Athens in 1998 courtesy of Vince Pazera and live footage from Sons Of Apollo show in Athens (24.09.2018) courtesy of RockpagesTV.