As someone who doesn’t belong in the ‘Corey Taylor groupies’ mass around the world, with or without the mask, maybe the statement that ‘’House of Gold and Bones Pt.1’’ is the best thing that Stone Sour have ever done, gains even more value. It’s the first chapter of a two-part concept album that Taylor, who wrote a book recently, would like to turn into a movie. In comparison to previous albums the band fixed the analogy between the good tracks and silly filler poppy rock songs which for the first time simply don’t exist. David Bottrill’s (Tool – ‘’Lateralus’’) production brings guitarists Root and Rand in the forefront and of course highlights Taylor as the undisputed protagonist. His delivery in the clean vocals is the best of his career and the same applies to the lyrics. Musically the growth from ‘’Audio Secrecy’’ is immense as far as the depth and weight goes, as shown in super heavy track ‘’RU486’’, orchestral song ‘’Tired’’ and the ballad ‘’Taciturn’’, which beats easily any other melodic moment in the Stone Sour catalogue. ‘’House of Gold and Bones Pt.1’’ is a quality ensemble that upgrades Stone Sour and increases expectations for the second half, expected in the spring of 2013.