The Burning Crows – Never Had It So Good

There is hope for British rock… not that it was lost or anything like that, since the “island” gave us the best bands of all time, yes I am referring to the Beatles and the Stones with that order, but sometimes the flame seems to fade, and Burning Crows throw in a barrel of gasoline!

Being somewhere between New Yord Dolls, Quireboys, early KISS, and “Slide It In”-era Whitesnake, and being influenced by a shit load of ‘70s bands, and beyond, they manage to make their presence known with only five tracks on this EP, and attract the listener’s attention like a magnet. Despite the fact that what they play isn’t new, not even original, their passion energy, and swagger makes it sound fresh and relevant.

We are waiting for a full length release, and we hope for something even better than that!