Mecca – The Magnificent

AOR! First thing that came to mind, 1.2 seconds after the album kicked off… Nuh, I don’t have THAT music ear nor I’m some sort of music freak who can hear an instrument out of tune from five miles away. It was simply very EASY to figure it out. Picture the following scenery. You walk down the street, minding your own business when you suddenly hear those notes from “Holding on to your love”… You automatically go like “Dude, this is wonderful stuff”! Should I quote “Magnificent stuff”? Yeah, much better… Well, this is how the system works…
Scandinavians own AOR. Totally! They own it big time; it just comes out so naturally. To be honest with you, Scandinavians own every single “wave” of Rock, they can play everything they set their minds to. This band/album is basically the cooperation of some AORsome musicians, this one is actually a Supergroup. Michael Eriksen (Norwegian, Circus Maximus singer) and Torsti Spoof (Finnish, Leverage guitarist and producer) find three more fantastic players, collaborate with some friends, bandmates and other peeps, in order to compose and their debut is out! Like I wrote before on such occasions, I do hope there’s more to it cuz usually these albums are brilliant. Like this one, for instance. A magnificent album indeed!  

Perfect AOR across the board, certified and approved by every major band of the league. I’m not going to bring out names and styles cuz there’s no reason for that, them peeps remind us of everything and nothing at the same time. Keyboards are cinema-like, voice is our ride to fantasy and the melody is so great! A regular party bringer! Twelve songs in the bunch, all of them superb. Listening to the “Angel” ballad… I bet that John G. Avildsen would love the band to compose the soundtrack for one of his movies, maybe all of them! Melodies are overwhelming, the whole album is so warm, so sweet…

Thank you, lads! You so easily got perfect score!