This is a power trio from Detroit, Michigan that plays old fashioned rock… this can be a simple and brief description about what the Nines are all about.
Of course, what we should definitely add to your first getting to know them is their passion, and their love for what they are doing that is obvious from the promo packaging of their first self funded release. As far as the musical domain is concerned, what we’ve got here is nine (is this a coincidence?) genuine ‘70s hard rock songs that smell like Zeppelin, Hendrix, Grand Funk Railroad, Mountain and other interesting stuff.
Their difference between the gazillion bands that copy “the sound of the ‘70s” is that these boys seem to adopt the virtues of the legacy they inherited and put it into their music. Kevin Bernard and Greg Ornazian on bass and drums respectively raise a mountain for Ian Kirwan’s guitar and vocals. The songs that stand out are the frenzy “Sun Don’t Shine”, the dreamy, almost haunted “Walk A Mile” and the powerful “As I Dream”.



The Nines