New Long Fest…the biggest underground open-air festival of Greece will open its gates once more this summer. Starting as Mousika Kymata (Music Waves) back in 2005, it has evolved in many ways and for 12th year in the row it calls out for all the fans of hard and heavy sound.

The most important thing about this festival is that it has a steady fan base, regardless of what bands appear every year, a sign of its big success. Low ticket priceNewLongMaps, endless kegs of draft beer, lots of merchandise, party mood, good music and a weekend away from the big city of Athens is all you need from a festival. We will be there once more. Let’s see the basic information.

WHEN? Friday 15-Saturday 16-Sunday 17 of July
WHERE? Cultural and sports center of Nea Makri, Leoforos Marathonos 196
HOW MUCH? 4€ per day
WHAT TIME? 17:00 each day

For the first time this year, NLF will entertain us for three days. For those who don’t have a place to stay, there is a camping site nearby with special discount to all the music fans. Let’s check out each and every one of the 26 bands that will give their best upon the stage. The order of appearance in this article is completely random.

For the Facebook event:

Poem: Probably the hottest band of this year’s NLF. After years of silence, they came back with an excellent record “Skein Syndrome” which shows how great musicians they are. The progressive metal quartet will give a special acoustic show.

Mass Infection: A true death metal band, they organized for years their own festival in their hometown called “Livadia Extreme Fest”. They have released three albums, with “For I Am Genocide” being the most recent one.

Karma Violens: Probably the best metalcore act of Greece, they have just released their second album called “Skin Of Existence” and have played in many stages and with many great bands, including two awesome shows in Athens while supporting Amon Amarth.

Womb Of Maggots: They were founded in 2001 playing atmospheric/industrial death metal, they released “Life Odium” in 2002 but a few years later they changed their name to Inactive Messiah. A couple years ago, former members of Inactive Messiah took back their old name and recently released a brutal death metal beast called “Decay Of Humanity”.


Foray Between Ocean: Recently formed from veterans of the stage, they play something completely different that we were used to listen from their members. Their debut album “Depression Never Ending” is an interesting approach of death with post extreme stuff, which they will present live.

Obzerv: These guys from Rethymno, Crete will descend to Athens after a long time in their effort to destroy the stage with their extreme metal. Anyone who have seen them live will know that it will be a piece of cake.

Embrace The Paradox: Excellent deathcore from those dudes from Thessaloniki. Their debut album is finally ready for release, but we will have to wait until September to listen to it.

Chronoboros: A three-piece band with a mood of making a lot of noise since they play post-hardcore. They will try to turn the hot summer stage into a swamp.

Universe217: One of the most recognized bands of this year’s NLF. Each time they play live they manage to leave the fans with open mouth, although their experimental doom metal is not the most easy-listening music, with Tanya on vocals and Manos on guitars being their leaders. They just released their fourth full-length album entitled “Change”.

Cyanna Mercury: Maybe the only band that you really can’t describe their style of music. You just have to listen to them and most probably you won’t forget about them. The fans of instrumental post-rock will surely know that these guys are one of the best bands of their genre. Their melancholic and beautiful melodies will definitely make the difference.

Omega Monolith: Two guys playing instrumental heavy/doom metal but they sound like they are five. No doubt they will give us a very special performance.

Freefall: Their lead screamer has played in a previous NLF with Wreckage. The guys from Thessaloniki have just released an old-school death metal album entitled “Cul-De-Sac” and will be one of the most extreme acts this year.


Still Falling: A somehow different music band, because Greece hasn’t many representatives who play djent. They will release this year their first full-length album.


Madleaf: An alternative rock band with many influences and a brand new album (“House Of Lust”) to present live.


Wish Upon A Star: One of the most interesting acts, although their sound is no common among the NLF’s bands. They play punk rock with lots of energy and fun and have just released their third album “Through Thick And Thin”. Check them out.


Despite Everything: Similar to their colleagues above these punk rockers have played literally hundreds of gigs, so another one will be a walk in the park for them.

10 Code: Another alternative rock band for this year’s NLF.


In Search Of Atlantis: Interesting metalcore that will makes us jump around from the moment they will enter the stage until they leave it.


Maplerun: One of the bands that I am more eager to see, because one time in the past is not enough. Great alternative rock/metal with many influences from Godsmack, they are known for their special high-energy live performances.


Yellow Devil Sauce: They describe their music as “heavy as shit” and you really can’t argue with that. But this time we will listen something different from the heavy rock trio, because they have prepared a special acoustic show.


Sun, Rain In Life: These alternative rockers are the oldest band of the billing and they were founded in 1995 under a different name, Teenage Angst. They released one album, changed their name but in 2003 and now their debut album (under the new name) is out there entitled “96/4”.


The Locals: They describe their music as drunk ‘n’ roll and when you listen to them you can understand why. Five drunkards who just want to play good music, drink beers and have a good time. And they do it well.


Insect Radio: The craziest music style, as they combine old-school punk/hardcore with math! Oh, yes!  Their debut album “We Are Trouble” tells us exactly what they are.


Breath After Coma: Another alternative rock band with a mood of starting a big party on the stage.


Hearth: Slow, depressing doom/death metal from a band who their music is capable of making the sun hide behind the clouds. Let’s hope that they will play after dark.


George Terzakis