The “Athenians” but from Georgia US, Theocracy, kicked off their career during the previous decade as the project of vocalist Matt Smith. The band’s name “Theocracy” refers directly to Christian metal and indeed it is. “Ghost Ship” is the fifth album of Theocracy and I admit that I was surprised very positively.

This is a CD of straightforward and very melodic power metal that might lead many metal heads think that the band’s origin is from Europe (maybe from Sweden or  Germany), but they’ re Americans. The big advantage of the album is the voice of Matt Smith which is crystal clear and very melodic. If the songs speed was a little slower and the riffs softer we could easily have an AOR album here. I personally liked Theocracy very much and I intend to deal extensively with them.

The songs that got me hooked from the very first time are “The Wonder Of It All”, “Cast Away” and “A Call To Arms”, while the ten-minute epic “Easter” is an excellent track. Very important thing is that on “Ghost Ship” you won’t find any fillers and this very rare nowadays. This group deserves a chance and I am sure that their previous releases will hide “gems”.