Thou Art Lord – Daemoniorum (EP)


We know that Sakis Tolis (Rotting Christ) and The Magus (Necromantia) are responsible for some of the most important records of the extreme sound. Their collaboration has always been interesting and made us enjoy fantastic works full of passion and emotion in the past. Nine years after their last effort, “The Regal Pulse of Lucifer”, they join forces again to bring Thou Art Lord back to discography with the dark 7’’ EP “Daemoniorum”. “The Black Halo” and “Hades”, which despite the fact that they are not enough (of course we would like some more), manage to convey the darkness and atmosphere that made us love their creators in an impressive way. The identity of the two musicians is clear throughout the album, with the lyrics and music being at an eeerily high level and George Emmanouel’s production as dirty as it needs to be in order topreserve the cult element. The digital version of the album also contains the  bonus track, “Fire, Chaos and Doom”, which causes extra emotions and increases the pleasure of fans even for a while. However, the album is also released on vinyl in 666(!) copies. Hurry up! Non Serviam!