Tokyo Blade – Thousand Men Strong

In the year of our Hat 2008, the English decided to revamp the band and make it happen… They talked things over, the four out of five original members agreed on giving it a shot and as for the singer… That’s the very spot Nicolaj Ruhnow (Domain) came to join in… And then they thought about making a brand new album… Almost thirteen years later!
The band had the ultimate chance to record with the Master, Chris Tsangarides himself! Yet, there was a sever obstacle… yep, that one… Thus the band turned to the fans, the fans that were loyal to the band for all those years. So the band asked the fans to pre-order and prepay the new album, which was not even ready at the time… and the fans did! You could say it’s a joint venture, the fans and the band financed the production and because of that we can listen and enjoy. Many enthusiastic TB followers, from all around the world, express their belief it’s a hell of a fine return and one of the best albums the band has ever released. Actually I’m about to write about an album you will love to adore.

FINE Metal, totally melodic, totally brilliant, featuring rhythmic songs, catchy choruses and fantastic performances. Chris’ production is superb, Ruhnow’s voice is the one! Strong and solid with a sweet voice color. “No conclusion”, for instance, is a track that will create many ear damages around the planet. “Black Abyss”, the introductive track with its barbaric chorus, impressive title track… They are all good, the boys have done a GREat job with this one… And the wizard of the production process made sure this job came out really fabulous. Album ends with a sonic re-recording on “Night of the blade”. The Hat is coming this way… Looks very thirsty, too…