Mariza “Crash” discovers an up and coming metal band from Sweden, Toxicrose and interrogates the guitarist, Tom Wouda. He talks about their immediate plans, their album’s cover and their influences. Tom also says that they’d love to play a show in Greece! Hi Tom. I would like to welcome you at Are you touring these days or are you getting ready for your next release?ToxicRose01

Tom Wouda: Hello! Thank you very much, it’s an honour. We have a couple of local shows coming up in Stockholm and a European Tour for 2017 is in the making as well. Of course we’re planning to start working on material for a new release, but that is a bit further away in the future… Many people are finding really confusing to describe the genre of metal that you are playing. Some say you are more sleaze orientated and some others call you power metal. How would you describe your music?

Tom Wouda: Well yeah but do you really need to put us in some kind of genre category? I guess you just have to listen to the music and let it speak for itself! But if i had to describe our music it would be something like Melodic Metal with a killer look. How did you choose this cover for the new album? As far as I am concerned Juanjo Castellano is working mostly on death metal covers .

Tom Wouda: Juanjo is a very talented artist, Love his work. We came up with some ideas and he took it from there and made it into a masterpiece. I’m very pleased with how the artwork turned out. Well yeah he mainly do old school death metal covers, It’s cool stuff! Have you ever been to Greece for vacation? If yes. Share some memories with us!

Tom Wouda: Haha, I’ve never had a vacation in my life. But if I would someday, I’m pretty sure Greece would be on the top of my list, I’m a big fan of the ancient Greek architecture and history!

ToxicroseMid What are your influences?

Tom Wouda: I listen to a lot of different music depending on the mood, everything from old Sepultura to Led Zeppelin. Good music is good music! In which countries would you like to play live that you haven’t been so far?

Tom Wouda: I would like to play anywhere around the globe! Japan would be just awesome. And I would love playing Greece of course! What would you like to say to all your Greek fans?

Tom Wouda: Play your Toxicrose loud and proud! I really hope we could come and play for you in the nearest future.