Lita Ford announced the release of her upcoming album “Time Capsule” which is based on footage recorded in the past and was discovered in her drawers. According to her it’s stuff that was made in a time when honest, down-to-earth rock music was still handmade and recorded without digital tricks and contraptions. Also, on “Time Capsule” there are some huge names of the rock scene that play along with her, such as Rick Nielsen, Robin Zander Billy Sheehan, Dave Navarro, as well as Jeff Scott Soto. The material was recorded on 24 mixing desk and Lita found loads of tapes in her closet at her home in the Caribbean. “This is some of the best work I’ve ever done and it was sitting there. I grabbed two suitcases and took them back to the United States”, says Lita Ford. “We could bake these fuckers, due to their age. If you just put them on the reel, they would flake. I was chewing my fingernails, thinking, ‘Please work!’ And they did!” The album features 10 songs and it will be available on CD, LP and digital download while it’s a gift to fans who love the ’80s, when thrilling vocal performances, raunchy riffs, and loud, growling guitars were as essential as oxygen.

“Time Capsule” track listing:
01. Intro
02. Where Will I Find My Heart Tonight
03. Killing Kind
04. War Of The Angels
05. Black Leather Heart
06. Rotten To The Core
07. Little Wing
08. On The Fast Track
09. King Of The Wild Wind
10. Mr. Corruption
11. Anything For The Thrill