Two albums one after the other for Mark Tremonti, ‘Cauterize’ and now ‘Dust’, both products of the same writing sessions – similar to the story of ‘Load’ and ‘Reload’ or the ‘House of Gold and Bones’ records, to use a more recent and more comparable example.

Alter Bridge’s guitarist, although he’s constantly busy and undertakes major responsibilities as the sole composer, lyricist and frontman of this project, doesn’t make the even the slightest compromise in terms of quality. Is songs such as ‘My Last Mistake’, ‘Tore My Heart Out’ and ‘Catching Fire’, you’ll find a ripping right hand combined with great vocal melodies and memorable choruses, always treading the line between hard rock and heavy metal. ‘Cauterize’ and ‘Dust’: 20 songs in total, more or less equally strong, divided evenly in two releases.

At the moment the new Alter Bridge is being made, Myles Kennedy being now free from his commitments with Slash because of the Guns N’ Roses reunion. Both in that camp and in Tremonti’s solo career, I believe the best is yet to come.