Tribulation – Down Below


It’s the fourth release of the Swedes, whom seem not to stay still in one musical style. The first two albums were death metal honoring the tradition of their homeland, while the previous one had a progressive approach, that also made their name bigger.

Here they simplify things, as the prog elements have moved aside almost completely. The music is influenced by classic hard rock/heavy metal and one band that came to mind while listening to it was Ghost. The extreme vocals of course remain and when combined with a perfect production they create a dark atmosphere. Also, it is proved that in order to achieve an old-school feeling you don’t have to sound like an old tape left in the basement for fifty years. Very good job on the guitar parts and in the composition, as Tribulation managed to create a record with well-written songs that stick easily to your mind.

“The Lament” is a great opening track, “Cries From The Underworld” and “The World” are amazing, as is “Here Be Dragons”, the longest one that reminds us of their prog character. Tribulation seem to continue their upward course by releasing an album that personally I enjoyed better than any other in their discography.