This is the sophomore album for the Polish band; yet them guys are already well-known and they have already booked their supporting slot in Tristania’s European tour. Mauser on guitar and Aya (lead vocals) are the ones responsible for the compositions and the arrangements; these are the ones setting the motif. Rhythm section has left, yet their replacements have been found and the quartet is ready to fulfill all touring obligations.
Gothic; the way Tristania themselves would give it up for, featuring “thick” and heavy guitars, killer drumming and darkness, with Aya leading the way. She’s not a soprano, however she owns a crystal voice. She can hit high notes, she can sing with passion. On the other hand, music is powerful, brutal and sweet, with some bits and pieces from the Paradise Lost magical book. The band has also released a video for “Home”, whilst you will surely be amazed by the ballad-like song “The last tear”.  They totally deserve our attention!