It’s the debut album for the Greek band. Recordings took place at the Devasoundz studios, Fotis Benardo (Septic Flesh) co-produced it and then the boys cooperated with the Fredman Studios, with Fredrik Nordstrom and Henrick Udd taking excellent care of mixing and mastering. The results are quite obvious. Metal with carnivore vocals, frantic drums and berserk rhythms; it’s like an unholy mixture of Nevermore, Nu-Metal bands and lyrical passages, with some Black Metal bits as well! I don’t think their style can be classified, the boys are playing what they feel like and we like that. “Fabel” and “Fear the bullet” may sound more different than same, yet this is a trademark of the band’s multiplex expression. At some point they reminded me of Naildown.
Themes are full of tutti’s, drums walk along with the guitars, voices change image song by song. Basically one heck of a mosh pit can be created by this music and this is something we’d love to watch. They are already booked for a fest in Belgium, as I read. Sincerely, best of luck and success to the boys and we do hope to catch them live in here as well.