Various Artists – Beast Over Greece – A Tribute To Iron Maiden


The legedary, and lately, the only Rock-Metal magazine in Greece, Metal Hammer presents a compilation of 11+1 songs as a tribute to Iron Maiden in a great effort, both as far as the bands are concerned, as well as the songs they chose to play.

First of all, I’d like to clear that what you are about to read is not an advertisement for the magazine, neither a review about the album. I don’t think that the magazine in question needs to be advertised on a website where the readers are aware of the local music press. Unfortunately, it is left all alone in the Greek music press, but efforts like this are worthy of our support, because above all they help the metal scene. And that’s why this is not a review, because how can you “review” people who do what they love most playing songs they, actually all of us, grew up with…

Surely, the biggest surprise in the album is Nightstalker’s contribution in a territory where they look alien. However, Argyris and co. manage to make “Running Free” their own and impress. Just like the veterans, Spitfire who quite rightfully open this CD with “Where Eagles Dare”, and their new singer showing his teeth. Peter Ellis’ being the only non-Greek element in this tribute delivers a great performance on “Moonchild” by Bob Katsionis, a rather unusual choice for the “maestro”, but a very good one.

Wardrum are indeed “quick” on “Be Quick Or Be Dead” and they gallop along the songs with precision and zeal. Another relatively new band, Mahakala, put their own touch on “Hallowed Be Thy Name”, just like Convixion on “Sanctuary”, although I’d like a better production on this one. Talking about personal approaches, and how you can add your own personality to a song, there is no way that you’d listen to Acid Death’s take on “Déjà Vu” and not praise them!

Three traditional Greek metal forces, Marauder on “Children Of The Damned”, that definitely wins you for being another not-too-obvious choice, as well as Dream Weaver with the classic “Flight Of Icarus”, and Dark Nova with yet another surprise, “Clairvoyant”, know how to do their job really well. Playing-wise they stay close to the originals, that they are pouring out their love and passion…

Last (are they really?) but not least, as well as on the album’s tracklist (come again: are they really?) you get Maidenance, the Greek Iron Maiden tribute band on “Alexander The Great”. Well known for their abilities and truly wonderful for the way they honor the British  band they play the song that Maiden will never play making us Greeks twice as proud!

And just when you, and actually me, thought that it was all over you let the CD run until it reaches track No.66 and… oh, what the hell, I should leave you find this one out yourselves!