Okay, here is a record that every Voivod fan should have in his record collection!!  The Canadians are closing their third decade as a band and they have been through a lot. Most notable is the death of their guitarist Denis D’Amour in 2005, a guitarist that has been an influence to a lot of musicians.
“Warriors of Ice” is a live recording of the 2009 show of the Canadians in Montreal. This concert was quite special for lots of different reasons. First of all, this was the first headline show for Voivod in Canada in ten years. This means that the crowd was more than excited.
The second reason for the hardcore Voivod fan to purchase the album is that the set list consists mainly of songs from albums before 1990. So, in 2011 we can hear good old Voivod in a live recording where the sound technology is better and can help them. The recording has some problems, the vocals sometimes overlap every other instrument but this does not make the album non-audible.
Thirdly and most important, in this show we witness the return of Denis “Snake” on vocals, drummer Michel “Away” and bassist Jean “Blacky”. In other words, we have the original line-up of the band (with Daniel “Chewy” on guitars)
The old-school thrashers return on stage to present what they first did in the beginning of the 80s.  The rough-mix of thrash with progressive and the punk metal vocals. The crowd sings in every song and in general this is a live album that the fans of the band will love. Also those who want to hear what the band is all about this live is a good opportunity for them to learn.