When super-guitarist Alex Beyrodt, along with his dreamy bunch, released Voodoo Circle debut, almost three years ago, I was talking about the Rock Mercedes! It was only natural tho… Μel Gaynor (Simple Minds, Gary Moore, Brian May and, naturally, a member of the legendary “Live at Reading” Samson album) was behind the drums. Regarding everything with keys, there’s Jimmy Kresic, masterplayer from Germany, then we find huge Mat Sinner (Primal Fear, Sinner) on bass and as for the voice… woohoo, it’s open season! Majestic David Readman (Pink Cream 69) grabbed the mic and took no prisoners! Huge voice, amazing feeling, a 70’s Coverdale PhD and more…
Markus Kullman is the dreamdrummer on this album and, as you can understand, the guy is a killing machine!
The HypeRock provided by this awesome squad features blues elements as well and more and more… There are terrific AOR blasts the likes of “This could be Paradise”, whilst songs like “King of your dreams” paint the planet red! The sound, the motif, Readman’s enchanted voice (gosh, the man is PERFECT!), Beyrodt’s guitar, which can easily cover lands ten times the size of a bloody supernova and the inspiration. The endless, the demonic inspiration! We are talking superhits, HUGE ROCK, suitable for big arenas, big festivals, fans of good music, fun and fun till the eye can see.
I wanna see them live. Maaaan…  I WANT TO SEE THEM LIVE! I’m sure they are going to destroy us all with their performance. That seismic style, these anthems like “When destiny calls” must be portrayed and loved. HECK OF A BAND!