It’s truly an amazing feeling when you receive really remarkable albums; especially from Greek outfits as we are all fully aware of the difficulties that every artist encounters in Greece. The efforts seem even more insurmountable when the artist is trying to reach out to as many people as possible with his album. That’s the big bet, really…trying to distinguish amongst hundreds of releases. The most important thing is to record and release an album that is worthy of someone’s hard earned money. And trust me: War Dance has succeeded in doing so with “Wrath For The Ages”.

The album consists of 8 compositions that are characterized by wonderful melodies and a heavy overall style that pays tribute to the rich legacy of the 80s. The songs are enriched with a clear ethnic musical touch that fits perfectly in the epic mood of the album. Just imagine a musical crossroad where Warlord meets Manowar (“Into Glory Ride” era) or for all the connoisseurs of the Greek scene, a perfect blend of Battleroar and Sarissa. At least, that’s my perception of the album which is not greatly produced but I am sure that all the fans of the genre won’t have any problem whatsoever enjoying it to its fullest.

I sincerely believe that “Wrath For The Ages” should be listened at maximum volume by all the heavy metal passionate fans out there. It is an album not only for the average epic metal fan but for everybody who embraces the pure heavy metal aesthetics of the 80s.
Highlight: The cover sleeve has been done by the world renowned artist, Ioannis (Uriah Heep, Fates Warning, Led Zeppelin, Malmsteen etc.)