Whitesnake: “The Purple Album” Reissue With Surprising Bonus Material!


One of the most indifferent albums of Whitesnake’s entire discography, gets unexpectedly interesting with the addition of surprising bonus material! More specifically, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of his recruitment to Deep Purple, David Coverdale releases a remixed, remastered and expanded edition of “The Purple Album” including the demo he sent to Purple in 1972 which secured him the vocalist’s position in the band! The album will be released on double vinyl and double CD on October 13 and this is the detailed tracklist:

CD One: 2023 Remix

01. Burn
02. Lay Down, Stay Down
03. Love Child
04. Holy Man
05. The Gypsy
06. Lady Double Dealer
07. Might Just Take Your Life
08. Mistreated
09. Stormbringer
10. Sail Away (Interpolating “Elegy For Jon”)
11. You Keep On Moving – featuring the Hook City Strings
12. Lady Luck
13. Coming Home
14. You Fool No One (Interpolating “Itchy Fingers”) Dedicated in loving memory to Jeff Beck
15. Soldier Of Fortune

CD Two

The Purple Tour Five Live

01. Burn
02. The Gypsy
03. Mistreated
04. You Fool No One
05. Soldier Of Fortune

Alternative Mixes

06. Holy Man (Unzipped) *
07. Stormbringer (Punch In The Nuts Mix) *
08. Love Child (Alternate Mix) *
09. Soldier Of Fortune – featuring Joel Hoekstra & The Hook City Strings *
10. Soldier Of Fortune – featuring The Hook City Strings *
11. Soldier Of Fortune (Instrumental) – featuring The Hook City Strings *

The 1972 DC Purple Audition Tape Featuring The Fabulosa Brothers

12. Everybody’s Talkin’ *
13. Get Ready *
14. Lonely Town, Lonely Street *
15. Dancing In The Street *
16. 1974 DC Demo Ideas For The Stormbringer Album