YES – Fly From Here


At last, the new album from prog-masters YES is “Fly From Here”. Twelve years after the album ‘The Ladder’, they have returned with almost the same line-up as on 1980’s ‘Drama’ LP. There is only a new singer in the band, David Benoit, who reminds us the vocals of the mighty Jon Anderson a lot, and therefore he is the most suitable for this position. The rest of them are Chris Squire on bass, Steve Howe on guitar, Alan White on drums, Geoff Downes on keyboards and their producer Trevor Horn, as their sixth member since he has helped in composing, backing vocals and some keyboards.

So, what about the music? The answer is as simple as you can imagine. “Fly From Here” is another fantastic YES album. The title track is a concept in five parts, with a strong melody as a basic theme, which lead us on a dreaming ‘food for thought’ journey. All the  songs in the album have the same high quality level, of course being progressive, but not very complex and certainly they deserve to be listened many times in order to reveal their secrets. Overall, “Fly From Here” present the band in a lyrical mood, that ‘speaks’ directly to listener’s mind and heart, without confusing with too lengthy jamming numbers and therefore is an ideal continue to the legend of YES.