Zero Illusions – Oblivion

Swedish quartet is bolstering their third album, four years after their debut, and the boys are ready to play the songs live. They are actually eager to do so, as we read over their official website.
Metal and some more Metal, staccato and wild, fast and thunderous, featuring some Judas Priest influences and a bunch of Power Metal doses, with a Prog elements twist. The voice is characteristic, fine colour and crunchy texture, reminds me a bit of Tobias Sammet’s. Guitars sound exquisite, so full and solid; seems that huge Andy LaRocque has done some incredible mixing and mastering, adding the necessary shining and attitude to the album. And the most important thing… Every instrument binds with the other and altogether they embrace the voice! This specific condition operates as a turbo boost for the songs, which do not luck tempo or speed or template differentiations at all. Title track is awesome, featuring a nearly epic chorus. Every song in the album stands a highly standard level, elegantly crafted and all. Songs durations vary from three to five and a half min; plenty of good ideas and impressive orchestrations. The guys from Gothenburg are quite the magicians.

“Carpe Diem” and the dinosaur bass drumming kick major b, plus those tempos are mighty. There are some cool melodies in there, so enchanting! I’d dare saying I met with some Megadeth (golden era) bits as well. Then “Enemy within” comes in, along with its spectacular technique… Progressive moshing!