Zombie Inc. – A Dreadful Decease


Zombie Inc. is a new Austrian death metal band ready to spread their dreadful decease and conquer every metalhead… worldwide!!!

The band’s debut album “A Dreadful Decease” sounds pure death metal, similar to that of early-Hypocrisy. In other words “A Dreadful Decease” is basically inspired by 80’s old school death but don’t expect to hear something like Six Feet Under…

The name, the artwork and the song titles point up the unpolluted old-school death metal and after 40 minutes of unstoppable headbanging without any doubt you should let Zombie Inc in; it’s a fuckin’ kick-ass good album!!!!

Zombie Inc. brutality with various creepy guitar distortions, the rough, dark vocals, the solid bass rhythms and the loaded double pedalling drum along with many many inspired solos of the down tuned guitars and in combination with the film sounding intro (about the revival of the dead) create a “doomed” atmosphere…

DEATH metal to you all!!!! m/