There is not much to say to describe the music of AC / DC. With two or three lines, the music of one of the most successful rock bands of all time contains of a steady boogie rhythm on the rhythm guitar as the main ingredient (3 to 4 chords). We also have a bass of 2 to 3 chords, drums for beginners, but that cannot be played by anyone, daring small but compelling solos from the lead guitar and brawling vocals!

42 Decibel (from Argentina) meet all specifications, play AC / DC music, and especially of the Bon Scott – era. And they do it with the 70’s sound that suits the occasion, dirty riffs and some (few) slide guitar touches. The singer reminds strongly of the unfortunate Australian, who would be 71 this year if he was not beaten by booze, so the result is highly addictive for the fans of this sound. The misleading “Whiskey Joint” – a tribute to Lemmy that opens the record, is the only one that does not rock in the AC / DC style but that of Motorhead.

“Dangerous Mess,” “Hot shot,” “Road Killer,” will wallow in your mind, and there is also a “ballad” (or “”” ballad “””) like their spiritual fathers did.”Double Itch Blues” rocks badly!
With AC/DC coming to an end (Malcolm why did you do this to us…), 42 Decibel is an excellent solution for the fans and much closer to the first explosive period of the band (No Axl thank you).