Former ACCEPT guitarist Herman Frank was recently interviewed by TNT Radio.
Asked how he looks back on his contributions to ACCEPT, Herman said: “I mean, that’s the reason why I left ACCEPT, finally. I thought they mind change their mind, or, let’s face it, I thought Wolf [Hoffmann, ACCEPT guitarist] would change his mind and give me a chance to show a little bit of my talent, but hey, it didn’t work out, so what can you do? And then, after the last five years, I said to myself, I don’t wanna stay the rest of my life on the right, standing in the dark on stage and covering somebody’s guitar. It’s easy like that. Sorry, that’s the truth. I really wanted to do my own thing. I was doing so many albums and composed so many songs, and I missed this. I didn’t wanna be just equipment. I mean, I was getting tired. This was a one-day street for me. Ιn the end, it was still the Wolf Hoffmann project like the years before.