It’s very nice to see old bandσ reuniting without just sticking to the fame that they used to have, but also creating new music and acting like real musicians. One of these bands is Acid Death. Four years after their reunion, they release their fourth full-length album. You could characterize their style as technical death/thrash metal and they are really good at it. From “Hell’s Maw” that opens this album and for about fifty minutes, they play excellent music without fillers. Each song has something different to offer, blended all together amongst the band’s many influences. Songs as “Life And Death” and “Taste Of The Erratic” (the longest and more progressive of the album) show clearly their talent and potential. Also, in the self-titled track we see Manthos Stergiou of Tardive Dyskinesia as guest vocalist. “Hall Of Mirrors” was recorded in Devasoundz Studios, Athens with Fotis Benardo doing very nice work as producer. This album is another great release from Acid Death. Give it a chance and discover on of the best and most historic band of Greece.