Steven Adler says that both he and Izzy Stradlin are “heartbroken” that they’re not part of the GUNS N’ ROSES reunion tour.
Despite the fact that he hasn’t been invited to perform with GUNS N’ ROSES in more than a year, Adler says that the door is still open for him to reunite with his former bandmates.
“You know, if they want me, they know my number — I’m ready to rock,” Steven said. “My goal was to finish what I started, and Izzy’s too. Iz is just as heartbroken as I am that the three of them decided to leave us out and bring three strangers in — who are those people? It’s just not cool. I love those songs, I love those records. I practice them here at home every day because I love them and I’m so proud of them and I’m proud of what the five of us did — we accomplished our dream exactly the way we wanted to. It didn’t end the way we wanted, or I wanted, but we did it our way. Like Frank Sinatra said, ‘I did it my way.'”