Aeon – God Ends Here


Aeon is one of those bands I listened to once upon a time and then stopped following them, for a number of possible reasons. Specifically, we are talking about 2007 and their second full-length “Rise To Dominate”. After a long hiatus following the release of “Aeons Black” (2012), the Swedes return with their fifth album “God Ends Here”, which finds them again with a new line-up as the only permanent members are Zeb Nilsson (guitars, backing vocals) and Tommy Dahlström (vocals) who founded the band back in 1999.

The initial shock I got when I saw sixteen (!) tracks in the folder, was overcome when I realized that five of them are small instrumentals but also when I saw that the durations range to the usual levels for the band, i.e. three to four minutes. Waiting for the worst, the fifty minutes of total duration are bearable when it comes to death metal that does not hide surprises in it. It’s not bad at all, it just does not have the necessary ingredients that will make it stand out.

Aeon continue in their familiar style, which although the come from Sweden, its bases are clearly on the American scene. Deicide is a major influence, to the point where you wonder which of the two bands you listen to. They find their way and a few elements from Vital Remains or Hate Eternal, but without taking the leading role. The tracks are in fast or mid-tempo speeds, with blasting drums and guitars with classic death metal riffing as well as frenetic solos.

The only difference I notice here from Aeon regarding their music is that from time to time they will put some symphonic elements to enrich their sound. Not much of course and not to the point of saying that they play symphonic metal, just for something different. “God Ends Here” is a good death metal album the American way and that’s all. However, I do not think it will excite those who this isn’t their favorite subgenre. Including me.