Aldo Nova to release rock opera


Canadian Aldo Nova has announced the release of the first part of the rock opera “The Life And Times Of Eddie Grace”, for April 1.

This is the story of Eddie Gage, a musician who is exploited by cunning record labels and managers, but also a demonic female existence. Drugs, alcohol and abuse lead him to despair until he is atoned for on his own terms.

Aldo explains: “The date is July the 1st of 1982, when only three months after the release of his 1st album, simply titled ‘Eddie Gage’, Eddie has achieved superstar status. This is him playing in front of 10,000 fans and singing about the fact that it’s time for people to expand their minds towards a more spiritual side of reality because society has become corrupt, a direction that his record company, Daedalus Records did not want him to take. The lyrics say it all, and Eddie and his band show a level of musicianship far above the norm.”

The musical journey of “The Life And Times Of Eddie Gage” began in 2008, when Aldo started to assemble what would become 25 songs (which Aldo will eventually release). Throughout the work, Aldo distills his often-unbelievable musical journey into the allegory of the rock opera, which he wrote, produced, arranged, engineered, and mixed entirely. The recording includes a 40-piece orchestra, a full gospel choir, Lee Levin on drums and mastering from the legendary Bob Ludwig. In addition, a one song bonus disc will accompany the collection with the soaring instrumental song “Les Anges”.

Here’s a first sample of the material, the song “Free Your Mind”…